Black Friday Macbook Predictions for 2010!

Don't miss out on Black Friday Macbook Deals!

Black Friday has been a bit crazy over the years and one of the hot selling items every year is the Apple Macbook.

Last year, there were deep discounts from online retailers like MacMall on Macbook Pros, the discounts were a bit better than Amazon.  Although Apple’s official online store will probably not offer any Black Friday deals (as usual), we suspect that other Apple retailers like MacMall, Amazon, and others will offer at some great discounts on Black Friday.

We also have Black Friday data from last year 2009 through some of the deal websites we run and Macbooks made the Top 5 list for most popular item bought on Black Friday.  (Among those were also iPods and Wii)

Also because now there are more older models of Macbooks, even if you don’t get a great deal on a brand new Macbook, the older Macbooks might go for very cheap on this Black Friday so I would look out for those if your needs aren’t for the baddest, latest Macbook models.

Overall, it’s a wise idea simply to get a Macbook on Black Friday as the prices will probably be the lowest for the next whole year.  We’ve seen this happen with other brands of laptops and certain Macbook models so, don’t forget to mark the date, subscribe to our FREE e-mail alerts, and also check back for more Black Friday Macbook news!

Sneak Peek: Black Friday at

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  1. Marissa Tringali says:

    Looking for deail on macbooks!

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