Black Friday Macbook Buying Guide!

Don't miss out on Black Friday Macbook Deals!

For those of you buying your first Macbook this Black Friday, you might want to learn what kinds of Macbooks there are and decide what kind of Macbook is right for you.

So let me explain what the differences are between the three types of Macbooks on the market today, the regular Macbook, the Macbook Pro, and the Macbook Air.

First off, the regular Macbook is probably the most popular Macbook out there.  The plain Macbook features a pretty fast processor, Apple’s stylish design, coupled with all the features a regular consumer would want.  The Macbook isn’t exactly the lightest of all Macbooks but it’s generally good enough for students and professionals for mobile computing and even as a home computer/desktop replacement.

Now, if you need more CPU power and the maximum amount of hardware power, the Macbook Pro is a great choice as it’s a Macbook made for power computing such as for Photoshop or Premier HD video editing, both of which would require the best hardware performance over the regular Macbook.  The regular Macbook isn’t so bad in this arena either but the Macbook Pro is certainly faster and better choice. 

So if you need the raw power of a Macbook, definitely go with the Macbook Pro.  And also, Macbook Pro usually has the best deals on Black Friday.

Now if you don’t care for so much raw hardware power but you need a lighter/portable laptop that won’t break your back when you are traveling, the Macbook Air is a really great choice as it’s literally as thin as a standard legal envelope plus it will provide you all-day computing.  However you should keep in mind that the processors used on Macbook Air isn’t as fast as a regular Macbook and Macbook Pro, given you spent the same amount of money.

For most people who just need a new laptop for general computing, the regular Macbook will suffice.

For those who need the portability of a Macbook yet also the maximum, raw hardware power, the Macbook Pro is the way to go.

And for those of you who need the leanest, meanest Macbook that can fit their briefcase, the Macbook Air is highly recommended.

Now, don’t forget there’s also desktop iMacs for those of you who need even more power.

I hope these tips help you in buying your new Macbook and don’t forget to check back with on Black Friday for the best deals on Macbooks.

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